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We mould your ideas into shape

We pride ourselves on the close working relationship we foster with our customers who are able to depend on our reliable service and solid expertise. Our employee’s know-how, a state-of-the-art machine park , our comprehensive knowledge of processing technologies and the experience we have amassed delivering numerous projects are all guarantors of our products’ success.

We process virtually any type of commonly used thermoplastic into complex engineered moulded parts on our 60 injection moulding machines with clamping forces of between 10t to 650t.

  • Material selection
  • Process development and technology development
  • Sample and prototype production
  • Resource allocation
  • Automation
  • Central material supply with batch traceability
  • Manufacture of individual components and assembly
  • Quality assurance and documentation

We mould our customers’ ideas into shape.

Manufacturing Processes

The wealth of knowledge we have amassed over many years enables us to use precise workmanship to manufacture plastic components from any engineering material and for any technical application. We manufacture components on our modern process controlled machines in our automated production facilities which we supply to the automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry, the household appliance industry, the agricultural industry, the consumer goods industry, the furniture industry and the machinery and plant engineering industry.

Materials Management

We have exactly the right expertise and equipment to process highly technical thermoplastic materials. These materials include elastomeric foam, compact polyurethane in all shore hardness grades, glass-fibre and carbon-fibre reinforced polymides, polyolefins and acetal resin. One of our key competencies is our ability to use sophisticated techniques to process polyurethane.

Our material flow system is controlled centrally and is transparent and trackable at every processing stage. All the material is recorded electronically and can be reliably identified by barcodes. Batch traceability is guaranteed at all times and on all production lines.

Quality Management

We never compromise when it comes to quality. Our computerised quality system ensures that there are precise and reliable processes in place during all stages of production. We closely monitor, control and document every step of the production process. Our company has been justifiably certified in accordance with the IATF 16949 quality standard. Our meticulously made products that come with the ‘made in Germany’ seal of quality will help you gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our customers reap the benefit of our expertise we have amassed over many years. We want to be part of your success!

Quality Performance

Available on site and more effective as part of an industry research association

The Centre for Materials and Engineering (ZWT) is located in Diepholz. The ZWT comprises a laboratory building and a lecture theatre which are located at the University of Applied Sciences in Diepholz (PHWT). The main focus of the work carried out at the ZWT revolves around examining issues that are raised in the fields of materials technology and manufacturing technology. There are 12 laboratories in the building which are equipped with the latest laboratory technology from these two areas of mechanical engineering.

The ZWT offers small, medium-sized and large skilled trade and industrial enterprises a wide range of opportunities to access extensive specialist knowledge and to use impressive facilities to carry out various tests and investigations. We are able to access support in the field of materials and production engineering when we select, develop, optimise and implement our products, tools and work processes.

The ZWT e.V. Research Association is an alliance of small and medium-sized companies who would like to make use of the expertise offered by the ZWT to develop their own knowledge and to support the development of their companies.

SEM and CT Technology

State-of-the-art JEOL scanning electron microscope (SEM) JSM 6010LV with a ‘Cross Section Polisher’ preparation unit , Werth TOMOSCOPE 200 -190 computed tomography system.

Environmental Simulation

Climatic test chamber – CTS salt spray test simulation for UV exposure.

Microscopy / spectroscopy / coating thickness measurements

Light microscopes – Zeiss and Keyence NFIR – Bruker spark spectroscopy – SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH coating thickness measurement device based on x-ray fluorescence analysis – Fischer.

Rapid prototyping based on selective laser sintering

EOS – Formiga P10


We take a responsible approach to resource, energy and environmental management. OMEGA TECHNOLOGY is continuing to pursue a comprehensive approach to sustainability. After being awarded a green energy certificate for the use of hydroelectric power from the Stadtwerk Diepholz (municipal utility company) in 2015, making use of machinery waste heat for underfloor heating and installing energy-saving LED lighting across the entire manufacturing area, the company switched over to eco gas in 2017 and saved approximately 110 additional tonnes of CO2 emissions on top of the 1,200 tonnes of CO2 which are saved on an annual basis. These CO2 savings are helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

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